Build the Keystone XL Pipeline Now

By Arthur Middleton Hughes

 The key reasons for US unemployment are Federal regulations
and restrictions on business expansion. One of the most productive of new jobs
for Americans is the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta’s oil fields to the
Texas refineries.  This pipeline could
produce 120,000 jobs — 20,000 in actual pipeline construction and 100,000
indirectly in supplies and services.

So, why has this pipeline not been approved yet?  Because it has become a cause celebre for environmentalists who claim that something will go wrong and oil will be spilled all over Nebraska.  To me that is ridiculous.   There are currently thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines in the US. We have learned how to build and maintain them safely. Most people are not aware of what is already there.
Take a look at this map:

US Oil and Gas Pipelines 2011

Not only do most people not even know that all these
underground pipelines exist, when do you hear of them breaking and spilling
crude oil all over the landscape?  They
all have checkpoints every few miles that automatically shut them down if a
leak is detected anywhere. Here are all the recent underground oil spills in
the US:

Compare these oil spills with the BP oil spill in the Gulf
of Mexico which is estimated to have spilled 4.9 million barrels. Onshore underground
pipeline spills are basically inconsequential.

“When it comes to energy, the United States is lucky to be
next to Canada,” writes Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson in a recent
piece endorsing Keystone XL. He reminded readers that peaceful Canada is
already the United States’ main oil supplier. Canada has the second-largest oil
reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia — 97 percent of them deposited in
Alberta’s gooey, controversial oil sands.

There’s a lot of pressure on TransCanada to insure that
there won’t be pipeline spills. The Canadian company has agreed to over 50
State Department conditions for building the XL pipeline, which will double the
capacity of the existing Keystone pipeline to Oklahoma and Illinois.

So, let’s get on with it.  Build the pipeline and add 20,000 jobs right


About Arthur Middleton Hughes

Arthur is currently Vice President of The Database Marketing Institute based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Arthur is the author of 11 books, the latest of which is Strategic Database Marketing 4th Edition (McGraw-Hill 2012). A BA graduate of Princeton with an MPA in Economics and Public Affairs, Arthur taught economics at he University of Maryland for 32 years. He is an Austrian Economist.
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